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TRYPTONE Hailing from the lush and unforgiving plains of Auburn, Tryptone fought his way through History’s most epic battles to bring you sick beats and flawless mixing. Providing the entire soundtrack for WWII, his nu-school breakbeats gave American Troops the inspiration they needed to put a boot through the teeth of the Nazis , and […]

Hailing from Los Huntsville (a bizarre amalgamation of LA and Huntsville, AL) – James Ruiz and E. Medina have been punishing audiences across multiple shades of electronic music since 2012 as Bakteria. Combining Ruiz’ studious approach to studio engineering with Medina’s genre-free inspirations, Bakteria can switch between dubstep, downtempo, jump up and neuro influences, sometimes […]

Inubito Inubito has been dubbed the “swiss army knife” of DJs due to his ability mix with mutiple genres. This has been the focus on many of his performances, as well as regular appearances on radio shows such as Majik City Radio (www.majikcityradio.com) and the Harmony Network (www.harmonynet.net). Through experience, Inubito has learned to play […]

Paul Swytch An artist, label owner, & sound designer with more than 20 years experience creating electronic music. Paul started out as a multi-instrumentalist who began recording bands in his mid-teens from his home studio, using creativity & ingenuity to achieve the best sounds possible. 

After a few years of management in Studio retail sales, […]

JME OG DJ JME, aka the Ice Man, is one frosty dj. Dropping Science is what he does. Drinking Coffee and watching Auburn Football is what he does. Don’t miss out when JME gets behind the decks.

Chevonne Chevonne’s story starts in the year 1918, when one drunk Irish asshole winked across the barroom at a drunk Irish shrew. Several generations of Irish White Trash later, the world was gifted with her presence. Her mother cursed like a sailor all the way to the hospital, her father chugging whiskey in an effort […]

DARTH FADER Fence jumper, deep dub slinger. Darth Fader is one of the newest editions to the Majik City Radio fam. Catch him live from Hunstville.

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