Inubito has been dubbed the “swiss army knife” of DJs due to his ability mix with mutiple genres. This has been the focus on many of his performances, as well as regular appearances on radio shows such as Majik City Radio (www.majikcityradio.com) and the Harmony Network (www.harmonynet.net). Through experience, Inubito has learned to play to a crowd appropriately by digging for and curating tunes like a true DJ should. This has allowed Inubito to share the stage with major drum and bass artists such as Gridlok, Tribesteppaz, Q-bik, and Liminal. Having spun across the Southeast, at conventions like Anime Weekend Atlanta, Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, Seishun-Con, and more. In addition, Inubito manages one of north Alabama’s largest parties, Club-HAMA of Hama-Con. His latest EP, “Retrofit” is available for free download through Industrial Parasite Records.

You can find out more on his Facebook page, or at http://www.djinubito.com!

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